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What is VClass

is an open source e-learning platform developed by Distributed Education Center, subunit of Internet Education and Research Laboratory, Asian Institute of Technology. It is specifically designed for delivering on-line courses by two different methods - through "virtual classroom learning" or "virtual class on demand".

In the "virtual classroom setting", there is a synchronous (inter)activity, in which students and instructors participate in live conversations via audio and video while working together with synchronous collaborative software packages for chat or by using VoIP technology.

On the other hand, "virtual class on demand" method allows learners to use computer and communications technologies to work with remote learning resource, i.e., instructors and other learners, without the neccessity of being on-line at the same time.


Why VClass?
As a stand alone system VClass can work as a learning management system, but we are still researching and developing ways to enhance online education. As of now VClass LMS is used as a backend for our Conferencing System , Mobile VClass

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April 2010
Integrated BigBlueButton Open Source Video-Audio, presentation and desktop sharing

VClass January 2010 Updated. Download
- French language Added

date posted: January 26, 2010

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